Sleeping is the Enemy

And apparently so is blogging, read on to find out.

Hello readers! How is your day? If you had a good one, was it from a good night’s sleep? I’m not great at those so I wouldn’t know.

While I do not, I repeat and will probably forever say it, do NOT miss college, I miss having a routine to follow. After not having school or work to keep me on a set schedule and give me reasons to be awake at a certain time, my sleeping schedule has been a mess. I stay up until wee hours of the morning and sleep until 10 am.  I guess it’s a good sign I want structure, maybe I’m not failing as bad at adulthood as I think? (Still lives with parents, has no job, and crumbling student debt, Nope I’m still failing lol) I will save the topic of jobs for its own post because it’s a different beast all its own.

Back to sleep (*Spongebob narrator voice* Three hours later…) ((By the way, if you follow my blog, you must be able to deal with bad jokes, they are just a part of me, I am on like Dad Level 17, despite being an extremely single 23 year old woman with no children lol.)) Basically, I fall asleep during the day because I crash at like the 5 o’clock mark. It’s usually thirty minutes to an hour, but it throws off everything. Pro-Tip: I read somewhere you shouldn’t nap after 4 pm because it messes with your nighttime sleep directly. Ahhh, this topic isn’t working! I wouldn’t read me. I need a change. That’s right, I’m changing topics right in the middle of my typing!

Readers, you and I have to have a talk. I apologize for how often I go off on tangents or don’t make sense. I babble on for a while because I still don’t have a direction for this blog. I’m basically just going off what my little brain comes up with day by day. I want it to come off as natural feedback is a recent college graduate with no direction in life, but it might just seem sporadic and annoying. I’ll try to work on that. I want us to be friends here. I want people to read my words, hell, that’s the whole reason I majored in Writing. All I can say is hey, I’m new to the blogging thing, away from the assignments I was given in the classroom.

I’m in the process of making the difficult transition from the classroom to the real world and it’s chaotic and insane, but I’m still happy you’re taking it with me readers. Please hang in there; we will make it through together. If you won’t give up on me, I won’t give up on you.

Remember to keep on being you, unless you’re a jerk. Until next time 🙂