If I Could Redo It All

Hey guys! Holly here ­čÖé I hope life is treating you well, but it’s life so it’s probably not. I’m sorry <\3 If I could make it better, I would. I’m sending you all good vibes though because despite what anyone else says, you deserve to have a good day!

Onto the topic!

People always say, “If I could do it all over, I’d do it all exactly the same.” Not me, if I could go back and redo things, best believe I would! I would definitely spend more time having fun in high school. I was always so obsessed with friends and grades that I didn’t have fun for me. I was too busy worrying about other people or studying. I don’t hate who I was in high school, I never wanted to be the one doing drugs or getting drunk, I just wish I did more. I hope this all makes sense.

High school was the last time you can really have fun with little responsibility, and I never took advantage of it. I never went through a ┬árebellious stage or did something crazy. I’ve always just been the same. If I could do it over, I would just enjoy it all more. I spent too much time miserably. If only I could know what I know now and do high school over. That would be the best! Ahhhh!

In college, I really came into the person I was meant to be, but I can’t help but mourn the teenager I never really was.

That all being said, college is something I wouldn’t redo. I spent little to no time on friends, never went to a party, or even went on a date. Those five years were so stressful, I just can’t imagine doing it again. I’m proud of my accomplishments, but it was really tough. I understand that if I do high school over, I would have to do college over, but ugggggh. Can’t I just have my fantasy?! Get out of my dreams! Lol

By the way, I decided I’m not gonna force topics so if that means less posts, let it be. I hope it means better posts. If not, we will go back. Remember what I told you guys, we’re all new here, so we need to figure it out together. Thanks for sticking with me guys :)!

Until next time! Keep being you, unless you’re a jerk :)! Then, be nice instead!