Hello guys! How are you all today? Did you have a reason to smile today? If not, go do something that makes you smile! RIGHT NOW! Heck with my post, I want you to be happy 🙂 It can be as simple as watching a YouTube video (Rhett and Link are my personal favorites), petting your dog (or cat, fish, or hedgehog), or just taking a drive (that helps me clear my head sometimes).


Okay, so now that we all are chill and feeling good, I think it’s times to get into this post! (-cue the awesome pyrotechnics!-) Today, I was over my cousin’s house playing N64! Yes, that’s right. In a world of life-like amazing 3-D graphics and Oculus Rifts, we prefer the simplicity of Nintendo 64, as it blew our young 7 year old minds in the 90s! For the curious, we played Mario Party 3 (arguably the best in the series) and Pokemon Puzzle League (because Gen 1 will always top all over generations, please just sit down in your wrongness if you think otherwise).

This got me thinking, what is with the millennial generation and nostalgia? We seem to be obsessed with it as 90s Nick Loot Boxes and Urban Outfitters shirts with Urkel fly off the shelves. Why was Pokemon Go so popular? (I think it is was bridging the times of yesteryear with Gen 1 Pokemon and cellphone technology of today.)

Is it because we grow up with a generation that was able to work and buy a house without a college degree or worries of immense debt, so we thought all was possible, only to see the harsh realities as we grew up? Is it because we didn’t have responsibilities in our childhood, and we just yearn for a simpler time when our hardest decisions were which Capris Sun to drink or what Lisa Frank folder to buy? Since we don’t have a time machine (Dang you Doctor for not sharing!), playing an old video game or watching an old movie (Heavyweights is one of my favorite childhood movies!) is our only means of going back to that time.

I believe that the YouTube channel The Fine Bros. commented one time in one of their videos (PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE ME, IT’S A VERY VAGUE MEMORY), that millennials feel so nostalgic because they went through a time when we lived both in a time of rotary phones and cellphones with Internet in such a short period of time that it seems longer than it was. Therefore, when we think back when we were young and we’re like, “Woah, that was like YEARS ago!” While I don’t know if that logic was true, like if that’s what The Fine Bros. meant, but that’s how I took it. If that is what they are saying, I think it makes sense. I find if CRAZY that people in high school now don’t know what a land-line is or know a world without the internet. I know even us millennials had a lot of technology in our lives. I often wish I could have gone through college in the 90s because I feel like it would have been easier to meet people without everyone buried in their phones all the time. Who knows though?

All in all, I know my moments of nostalgia, whether it’s playing N64, watching Pokemon: Indigo League on Netflix, or rereading the Harry Potter books, bring me a lot of happiness. I think we all need more of these reliving of the past times! I know I enjoy them and maybe you can too ! 🙂

I hope this post has been a little better than the past ones. I’m trying to be more positive because the world has so much negativity. Just this week alone, my state (Dirty Jerz) had a bomb go off, from what I read five bombs found in a different town, and a police shoot out. So, needless to say, positivity is needed! I’m not gonna promise how long I’ll be like this or say that every week I’ll be positive because life gets messy, and you never know. However, I’ll try to be more mindful of positivity. Seem like a deal?

Until next time, keep being you (except if you’re a jerk ;])



Author: writingforthemoment

Just graduated college, Summa Cum Laude, yet I have no idea what I am doing with my life.

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