Did I Choose the Write Major?

Hello everyone! Holly here, as always :). I was trying to think what to post about today and of course, nothing mind blowing came to me. Woo hoo! So here’s my rambled thoughts. I have been thinking lately, do I choose the right major? I mentioned last time how I switched from Education because I hated it. However, would it have been smarter for me to have stuck with the “more stable” path even though I hated it? When I had my mental break down, sophomore year when I was in the schools and couldn’t imagine spending my life this way, my mom told me, “Do you think anyone is really happy with their jobs? No, that’s why it’s called work.” I don’t know. I just thought. Why spend all this time, money, and energy into something I didn’t love? I switched to the Writing program, and from my first class Writing 2020, I knew I had found my people. Others thought the same way I did, liked what I did, and we all seemed to be on the same wavelength. The more writers I met, the more accepted I felt. I really found my niche in writing, and having people read my work and feel affected by it made me happy in a way I never felt before.

I will admit, I never liked the act of writing, but I really loved the feeling of having just written. It is a high I can compare to few things other. However, as I sit here, well lie as its 12:48 am and I’m admittedly writing this for my bed, I can’t help but think were all my years of writing A+ essays, knowing the one and outs of grammar (I’m more lax on here), memorizing so many vocabulary words, and creating innumerable stories for nothing? I don’t know the next step to take and it’s frustrating. I can’t just sit around and wait for a publishing house to pick up my book. I need to make money with my love of the written word, but I don’t know how.

Maybe I didn’t pick the wrong major, I just can’t see my path for what to do with it yet. I’m on that now.

I’m sorry this wasn’t entertaining and more self introspective, so for getting to the end, enjoy some terrible jokes!

What do you say to comfort a crying English major? – There, their, they’re

Two guys walk into a bar. Man, you think the second guy would have seen it.

My life. (Haha I’m hilarious.)


No laughs? Tough crowd. See ya next time, and remember to keep on being you 🙂


Author: writingforthemoment

Just graduated college, Summa Cum Laude, yet I have no idea what I am doing with my life.

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